Snowboarding Is A Modern Sport


Imagine yourself carving an awesome curved swath across a slope of fresh snow as skeins of sparkling powdered ice explode around you, leaving iridescent clouds of sparking ice in your wake that slowly cascade to the ground. Snowboarding is just cool.

For enthusiasts of this winter sport, those last four words explain it all. Since its humble beginnings in the 1960s as a child’s toy, Snowboarding has exploded into the Olympic event and gnarly extreme sport we know today. Snowboarding is one of the fastest growing winter sports ever, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Modern snowboarding can be traced directly to the 1965 invention of Sherman Poppen, a chemical engineer who built a new snow toy for his young daughter by fastening two skis together and attaching a rope to the front end to hold on to. His daughter loved it and all her friends wanted one too, so Poppen decided to license the idea to a manufacturer. His wife came up with a name for the new product, and in 1966 “The Snurfer” became a minor sensation, selling over a

Ski Bindings Different Strokes For Different Ski Styles


Considering the fact that downhill, cross-country and telemark are all different forms of the same sport, skiing, it is interesting to note how different the equipment is for the three styles. Nowhere is this more apparent than in ski bindings. These essential pieces of equipment provide the link between a skier’s boots and his skis, and they immediately identify which style a skier favors. Ski bindings are designed to meet the specific challenges and needs of each type of skiing, and accordingly, they take on quite different forms.

Downhill bindings usually function by attaching the ski boot to the ski at the toe and heel. When getting into his skis, the skier thrusts the toe forward into the front bindings and then shoves his heel down into those at the back. This dual attachment allows for the high degree of control necessary in downhill skiing. However, this style of skiing also has a high likelihood of injury. To lessen this likelihood, the back bindings of downhill skis are designed to release the foot in the event of a fall.

Winter Sports Skiing


Skiing is a very efficient way of travelling over long distances of snow and individuals have been using it as such for thousands of years. In fact, the first recorded instance of skiing was found in Norland, Norway and it has been dated back to 5000 BC. Skiing has been used for rapid travel, hunting and warfare ever since then and probably before.

However, there are basically three kinds of skiing, namely, Nordic, Telemark and Alpine skiing. Skiing was made popular for the international market by Sondre Norheim in the late Nineteenth Century, which coincided with Europeans becoming more adventurous in their choice of foreign holidays – well, for the rich anyway.

Telemark skiing was developed in the Nineteen-Seventies from his ideas on skiing. However, the development of skiing techniques did not quit there. The Austrians, Mathias Zdarsky and Hannes Schneider were instrumental in developing techniques further, although one cannot help thinking that the skiers of seven thousand years ago knew most of those methods way back then as well.

As skiing has become more and more popular over the last sixty or seventy years,

5 Reasons You Should Consider Swiss Skiing Next Season

Switzerland, home of the Alps Mountain Range, is perhaps one of the world’s best-known countries for snow sports. Skiing in Switzerland is almost always a pleasure, whether you are a beginner snow bunny or mogul master. Here are five reasons to go skiing in Switzerland next winter.

Europe’s best snow. Each year, the ski and snowboard resorts of Switzerland see some of the best snow in Europe. This is primarily because the Swiss Alps reach some of the highest altitudes on the continent, offering the best chance for fresh snow, with many Swiss resorts opening early in the season and staying open late into spring.

World-class resorts. Switzerland’s hundreds of mountain resorts are top notch, so much so that three Swiss resorts made it into the Guardian’s list of top 10 snowboarding spots in the world. St. Mortiz is one of the most famous Swiss ski resorts and, in addition to offering wonderful snow, is a great place for celebrity-spotting.

Skiing for all levels. Contrary to popular belief, not all Swiss ski resorts are super steep. In fact, many of Switzerland’s best ski resorts are laid back, beginner-friendly mountains with wonderful ski schools.


Luxury Catered Ski Chalet Holiday in Switzerland

Ah, Switzerland! The very name churns up images of high pristine white mountains, blue tranquil mirror-like lakes and green never-ending rolling plains and, of course, chocolates! But the real Switzerland is only exposed to those who come for its most challenging and interesting sport – skiing. And to skiers coming here, a luxury catered ski chalet of Switzerland is the prime place to stay.

A Luxury catered ski chalets are genuine havens of comfort and convenience. Every amenity that a skier might need or desire is provided in the many catered chalets in Switzerland. The nation, being almost at the heart of the major peaks of the Alps, houses the most spectacular luxury chalets in the world. While the hardcore skier would naturally want to hit the pistes as soon as they reach a ski resort, it is worthwhile to take a look around your ski chalet first; you can then enjoy the sweet anticipation of the rest and comfort that awaits you after a hectic day on the slopes.

Just a quick walk through these luxury catered chalets would tell you that they have been lovingly created by people who evidently love skiing just as

Civil Facilities of a Ski Vacation Destination

There are a number of things that judge or determine the quality of a ski vacation destination. But among the many general criteria that people would eye, it is the customer service that is really difficult to miss. Visitors are always going to remember how delicious their meals are, how meticulous the cleaning staff are and how extensive are the available shopping items (among other things). To enumerate, these are the civil facilities that will really make an impact on a ski resort’s reputation:


The temporary residence is relatively the first facility that creates a lasting impact for visitors. Whether it is a single cabin with a scenic balcony or a community building with multiple rooms, it is important to impress your customers with the quality of temporary living space they’d dwell into. Some ski resort owners capitalize on interior design, especially one that emphasizes on theme variety. There are also other ski resort managements that put up the best ski vacation package. Depending on the strategy, it is always important that visitors would ideally feel truly at home away from home. Such is the acme of hotel and restaurant management.



Ski Vs Board

Preparing for a trip to the winter wonderland of Breckenridge Colorado can only mean one thing: you will be spending some time in the snow. If you are new to skiing or snowboarding, it may be a tough call on which activity to try. While Breckenridge is a prime spot for both activities, there are a few things to consider to help you choose the right one for you.

· The Logistics. If you haven’t tried either activity, it would be a good idea to first check out the equipment and see which feels more comfortable to you. Skis attach onto a pair of bindings that connect to your boots, while snowboarders are secured onto their board with their bindings. Both setups can make you feel uncomfortable at first, so you should spend some time getting used to the equipment before testing it out in the snow.

· What’s in a Pole? Skiers use a pair of poles for both balance and support while standing or going down the slopes. Snowboarders must rely on balance alone, a position themselves accordingly for direction. The absence of poles can also mean more of an effort picking yourself up

Telemark Skiing

Memories can be good or bad. However, any opportunity that allows you to make good ones should be exploited. Telemark skiing is based on a certain turning technique. It is also known as “free heel skiing”. This turning technique was popularized by Sondre Norheim. He displayed the technique using fluid movements and turns in 1868.

The skis are connected to the toes of the skier using bindings. The skier is supposed to raise his heels and flex his knees so as to pull the ski beneath his body. The body weight of the skier is mainly on the outer ski. Telemark skiing is named after a region in Norway. The technique was revived in the 1970’s. Though its popularity spread, the technique is still considered a minor sport.

Skis used in this technique resembles those used in Alpine skiing. Compared to the old days, skis are nowadays shorter and wider. Modification of skis to suit this technique has not occurred in the recent times. The old types are the ones still used. The skis used are shorter and lighter.

The shoes used for this technique have a duckbill that interfaces the binding with the boots.

Skiing In Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand, known globally as the adventure capital of the world, is famous for its varied outdoor activities throughout the year. This ranges from old favourites like skiing and hiking as well as outdoor activities like paragliding, bungy jumping and white water rafting. The friendly people and breathtaking scenery make Queenstown a top destination for skiers all over the world. One down side to skiing in Queenstown is that visitor accommodations are far away from the ski hills.

That being said, transportation facilities from all the major ski slopes to the centre of Queenstown is superb. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Queenstown as an adventure sports destination are the amount of activities available throughout the year. Fresh snow on the slopes between June and October makes Queenstown a highly appealing holiday destination for skiers, while fantastic skiing resorts with superb facilities keeping them coming back year after year.

The Remarkables, Coronet Peak and Cardrona are the biggest skiing resorts in Queenstown. Both of these boast first-class amenities and accommodate skiers of all skill levels. A closer look at some of these facilities:

The Remarkables offers an array of skiing areas,

What A Beautiful Tan Did You Just Ski Aspen

Ski tans are in and skiing is big business. Last year, just the State of Colorado enjoyed a record 12.53 million skiing days and took in some 2.5 billion dollars, and they are expecting even more this skiing season. That is big and still growing.

This winter there will be millions of healthy, athletic, beautiful people sporting ski tans during the winter skiing season. The rich and famous spend small fortunes to ski at exotic locations such as Aspen. And, when they return home they show off those magnificent ski tans to the envious pale people.

Wouldn’t you like to belong to the upper class and show off your personal Aspen ski tan to your friends this winter?

Just where did this tanned skin envy come from?

Less than a century ago – pale skin was upheld as the mark of the upper class. Pale skin then separated the elite from dark tanned farm workers and outdoor laborers. After all, one needed to be rich in order not to have to be employed working in the sun. Then in the post war 50’s, wealthier families began vacationing in the sun belt and returning home

Amazing Ski Jobs

There are regular jobs, there are great jobs, and then there are awesome jobs. If you’re in the market for a ski job, it’s clear you want to be a part of the “awesome job” club. Who hasn’t dreamed of being paid to be a ski bum? While skiing all day might seem like a dream job for snow bunnies, anyone interested in ski jobs should take the job very seriously. Ski jobs involve real work, but can also be a lot of fun.

Due to the weather restraints of the sport, ski jobs are almost always seasonal in nature. As early as June, ski resorts and companies from California to Maine begin looking to staff the mountains with all types of positions. Ski resorts are looking to staff both snow jobs and service jobs. Snow jobs include ski guides, ski patrol, and cross-country, snow boarding, and downhill ski instructor positions. Service or support staff jobs include chalet staff, hospitality, ski technicians, lift operators, marketing, ticketing, and resort operations, just to name a few.

Whether you’re in a service position or on the snow, chances are, you are working for a ski resort because you enjoy

Ski In Scotland

When you think of ski resorts, you think of Switzerland, Italy, Colorado and maybe even Michigan, but nobody thinks “hey, the UK has some quality places to go”. While that’s probably down to poor advertising more than anything else, it’s well worth checking out.

Scotland offers a unique and extreme skiing experience to skiers from around the world. There are many unique resorts in Scotland that have nice terrains which are especially developed or designed for these exact purposes and can also be used for other types of winter sports.

Ski resorts in Scotland are usually found at villages at the foot of mountains. Generally they offer many kinds of services and also have many advantages and benefits. Scotland is also much known for its wonderful tourist spots so you’ll never be lacking in something to do. Snowboarding is often available at the same resorts, along with other snow or ice type activities. Another benefit is the all year round nature of these holiday destinations. The clubs in Scotland want to give their skiers and members an extreme and fun skiing experience that other resorts around the world can’t match.

Most of the centres are

Meribel Ski Holidays Can Be Action Packed

People should go no further than the fabulous French Alps for a holiday that is directed at adventure sports. Skiing fields are packed to the rafters during the winter months, with enthusiasts everywhere, taking over the mountainside with a fervor saved for no one. Anyone heading for the Meribel Ski slopes in France will wish for the physique of a well-toned sportsperson to be prepared for all the exhilarating activities held out in the fields.

Little children get in on the act too with traditional sleighs or toboggans returning to popularity. Miles of fun is had by the little ones as they play in the snow, making snowballs to throw at each other and practicing on their toboggan. Parents are kept busy keeping an eye on them and playing along with them is part of the fun. Sooner or later, they will want to make advancement and go on to bigger areas.

An excellent initial stage that can lead to snowboarding for younger children is to hit the tobogganing fields. However, it is reported that children from a very young age have been taught to ski. Family holidays in the snow are where children can expand

The Pros of Training Kids on Ski Trips

People go to ski trips for fun. Either they take a leisurely sedentary existence or they indulge in the excitement of its namesake sport. Skiing is a great vacation genre for young adults for a lot of things. The venue’s ideal winter sport gives them a potent dess of their adrenaline cravings while they have plenty of opportunities to socialize during après ski nights.

Middle ages consider this type of vacation as both the relief from tedious drudgery and a “throwback” to the leaner decades during the peak of athleticism. For elders ski vacations are an opportunity to splurge on their treasures and take final risks to live a life of sheer exhilaration. If skiing is great idea for grownups, it’s also the same (or even more) for kids below teenage stage. Here are the reasons why:

Kids are fearless

A child’s fearlessness is often the biggest problems doting parents face. Children are more prone to accidents because of their unflinching curiosity to try things. This is characteristic is a huge boon for sports coaches because many adult athletes needed time to adjust from inner apprehensions and awkwardness. Most adults are daunted by the idea

From Back Country Helisking to Majestic Resorts 5 Types of Skiing

Early morning dawn crests over the mountain top, casting hues of crimson and gold over last nights snow fall, we hold our breaths, captive to the pristine blue sky above. Winter has arrived and we are awaiting first tracks into the virgin snow. Whether strapping on skins in the back country, savoring miles of cross-country trails, enjoying a day at the resort or yearning for the reverberation of heliskiing, there is a type of skiing which best fits your lifestyle and pocketbook.

Much has changed since the discovery of the first ski found in Sweden over 4500 years ago, short and blocky, it was used primarily for transportation and work. The advent of sport skiing became popular during the 1700s when the Norwegians popularized the Telemark ski, or Nordic ski with a binded toe and free heel. It wasn’t until the Europeans discovered steep terrain, chutes and bowls in the Alps that they began developing a fixed foot, known today as the alpine ski.

Cross Country skiing, known as Nordic or XC, attracts families, athletes, and weekend adventurers seeking winter solitude and escape from overcrowded resorts. A drive to the Nordic park finds miles of marked

Top 10 Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland is an amazing ski country defined by the majestic Swiss Alps. The winter months offer the opportunity for novice and experts skiers alike to carve up some of the finest white powder on Earth!

Listed below is a breakdown of Switzerlands top 10 resorts and places to ski. These 10 locations not only represent Switzerland’s best, but are also some of the most sought after locations in the world!

10. Arosa – Located in the Eastern section of Switzerland, Arosa is a summer and winter resort. Full of tradition and history, Arosa creates an experience that cannot be fully digested without an extend stay. So how are the slopes? Arosa has over 50 miles of pristine terrain for you to fully immerse in. The air is especially pure and the slope drop offs will challenge even the most experienced skiers. Nature lovers will also enjoy the relative isolation of Arosa as compared to some of the other resorts on this list

9. Gstaad/Saanenland– Looking for a ski resort where you can gain some experience without be subjected to extremely difficult courses? If so, then Gstadd might be the place for you. Their courses attract

4 Best Reasons to Join in the Fun of Snow Sports

As avid skiers and snowboarders attest, you should not be intimidated by high velocity snow sports! There’s no reason to be afraid of engaging in such a sport and there is a level and slope for anyone, no matter what level their skills are at. Even children fall in love with skiing and snowboarding, and getting started is much easier than you think. And if you’re still looking for some compelling reasons to give it a try, here are four of the best.

It Provides a Natural High Regardless of Age or Gender

It goes without saying that engaging in snow sports is a lot of fun! The exhilaration you feel as you glide down a slope, the rush of adrenaline, the wonderful sense of freedom, even if fleeting, can stay with your from your very first ski vacation through the rest of your life. Many skiers, for instance, cite the singular thrill of hurtling downhill as an addictive feeling that keeps them coming back for more.

It Broadens Your Perspective

Ask any who has engaged in some form of snow sports -skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or anything else-and they will most probably tell

The History of Downhill Skiing

Long before skiing was a sport, skis were actually utilized for both transportation and work alike. Located in Sweden, the oldest ski known to man is short, wide and believed to be around 4500 years old. However, ancient rock and cave drawings reveal that skis may have existed even earlier than 4500 years ago. Originally, travelers or hunters may have used skis since they were used quite commonly during the extended winter months in Scandinavia and Northern Russia. Speed was a non-issue when making the early designs of skis as they were needed more to keep people on the snows surface while they moved around and traveled.

When looking into the history of downhill skiing, peoples indigenous to the Telemark region of Norway were credited with, in the 1700’s, taking skiing and turning it into a sport. They also are credited with inventing both the Christie and the Telemark turns to control downhill descent speeds. And with a fondness of alpine ski jumping, these pioneers brought into existence the disciplines of Nordic and Alpine skiing. Of course the distinctions we make today between various skiing disciplines were not made hundreds of years ago. In fact, early renditions

Precaution Before Skiing to Alps This Summer

Rightly said, ‘where there is snow there is skiing’ Skiing – an extreme sports for all you tough guys out there! Considered as one of the adrenalin and action sports, ski- lovers have always overlooked the risk attached with this adventure game. The approaching mid summer rings the bell for a much awaited vacation in the snowy region. Nothing could be more fascinating than having a blast in the Alps range. So pack your bags this summer and move towards ‘The Great Alps’- a great chain of mountain system in Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east, through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the west.

Owing to its geographical location, skiing in Alps region during summers calls for an added precautions. Alps witnesses a pleasing weather condition but with frequent rain and snowfall. The beautiful blend of summer warmness and icy cool region of Alps will spice up your entire skiing experience. However, this fun-filled, high speed adventure sports exposes you to various dangers and without even uttering a word the safety measure must be taken into consideration. The snowy mountainous area of Alps has not just one danger but many, quite

Winter Sports The Ultimate Challenge

Winter sports refer to a sport played on snow or ice, but it also includes sports played in winter all year round like basketball. It is called winter sport because the sport branch is played in winter and under winter circumstances. Winter sports are found more adventurous than other sport branches. Sporting with ice and snow is related with adrenalin. Here you can find some winter sports and information about them.

Sledding is a popular winter sport. For it, a sled is required basically. There are amateur sledding activities especially among children. In addition to that, sledding is a professional sport branch. In some Olympics, sledding is an important sport. Sledding became a winter sport only in 19th century. Sledding is used as a way of transportation along with being a sport. It is a sport branch that requires special attention because injury, accidents are possible while sledding down from a slope.

Skate on the snow! Skating is one of the most interesting winter sports. The idea is very similar with ordinary skating. However this time player skates on the ice. Using skates, if you find a suitable area for skating, try this sport.